2006-07 Donations

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May 2006 Dr. Dorothy Latta
June 2006 Sherry Beaubriand
Clinton County
July 2006 Take a Bite Out of Books
August 2006 Take a Bite Out of Books
September 2006 Take a Bite Out of Books
Sherry Beaubriand
October 2006 AEYC (Association for the Education of Young)
November 2006 Craig and Alice Sample
Peru Lions
December 2006 Plattsburgh Rotary
A Friend of Children
January 2007 Masonic Lodge 155 W. Chazy
First Presbyterian Church
Saranac Book Club
February 2007 Clinton Community College Honor Society
March 2007 Plattsburgh Teacher’s Association
April 2007 Plattsburgh Sunrise Rotary
Ms Rovers’ and Ms. Arthur’s 5th Grade Chazy School

Individuals who donated

Sally Goddard, B&C Smith, Nancy Olsen, Cech Family, Anthony, Porter, Stan Cianfrano

You can help us out!

50 books per week @ $3.00 per book = $150 per week 1 Month (4weeks) = $600 All money buys only books. All shipping is free and all work is volunteer.